“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light”

1 Peter 2:9


Welcome, so happy we’ve crossed paths!

As a spiritual kingdom business on behalf of Women of God, I work in concert with the Holy Spirit and my God given gifts, to enlighten, teach, guide and counsel women, how to repurpose their childhood emotional pain and trauma, and use it to heal themselves, their bloodline, and to reclaim their divine identity and power, so they can fulfill their destiny.

I’d be honored to show you how!

My name is Deneen Joyner, I’m a highly gifted Ancestral Trauma Expert with a B.A. Psychology, M.A. Adult Ed.

I am honored to have professionally worked both directly and indirectly with children and families in trauma for over 25 years in the field of social work.



Now that I’ve retired and have my own spiritual business, I am able to offer all of myself; my personal experiences with emotional pain, trauma, and healing, my education, professional expertise, along with some pretty amazing God given spiritual gifts, that help souls like you to spiritually get understanding and finally heal from childhood emotional pain and trauma.

I partner with Holy Spirit to gain access to sacred powerful soul healing wisdom for both individuals and families who are seeking emotional resolve.   My God given gifts allow me the honor of temporarily feeling into and connecting with your soul’s journey, representative of the pain and trauma you’ve experienced.

So that I can help you better understand your “why,” Holy Spirit has anointed me with the ability to connect not only with your soul’s pain, but also to your emotional genealogy, generational curses that have been passed down that you and your family have inherited. The cool part is I am able to still do this even if you grew up estranged from family, or are adopted, or grew up away from them in foster care.

My divine gifts also allow me to work in concert with Holy Spirit to connect with the spirit realm.

Through prayer and meditation Holy Spirit provides me a spiritual download of your soul along with your family’s lost stories, representative of intimate archived generational information pertaining to your family’s emotional roots, the history of unhealed and passed down emotional traits from generational curses, which overtime manifest into personal soul wounds, and traumatic experiences in descendants.


After all that you have survived, you may think you’re crazy to still desire answers about your childhood, and you may be also wondering, why you just can’t seem to let it go and move on with your life?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because God isn’t going to leave you alone, until you fully know your entire story.
Not the story you tell yourself or even the ones offered up by friends and family that still leave you hanging in emotional limbo!

God wants you to know the true story of you!

Your soul holds the key to your divine truth and is at the core behind your need for answers. Because your soul knows who you are and where you came from, it holds your true identity; emotionally, spiritually and psychologically surrounding you, who you really are, and the family you were born into.

Spiritually speaking, your soul is a recorder and has been recording prior to you even being born. It knows the plans that God has for you; it knows who you really are, it knows your holy assignment, the only reason you are here.

Although your life seems like it’s been nothing but hardships, I want you to know your life’s pain and trauma along with the family you were born into all have significant divine purpose. Your soul has a memory of who you are, and it’s asking you to trust your intuition; lean in, and become curious about your life’s story and accept more than just the story of painful experiences.

Because at the end of the day, there is something much deeper at stake surrounding your experiences and life journey

I’m certain you may be wondering how I can help you get those answers?


My ministry enlightens, teaches, and empowers souls how to use their personal painful and traumatic journeys to heal and transform their lives for divine purpose.

You’re here because you need answers surrounding your legacy.

After all that you have survived, you may think you’re crazy to feel this way; because you have resigned to living around the painful memories, so you wonder why you can’t let it go and move on.


Soul Reading

A Soul reading is for those carrying emotional pain or those who have gone through therapy for decades but still feel stuck and unfulfilled. The reading gives clarity, validation and perspective surrounding past painful and traumatic events. It provides enlightenment surrounding present life circumstances, identifies unhealthy adopted family patterns, and introduces specific life lessons needing to be mastered. It will highlight or reveal your spiritual gifts and may offer a specific message from an ancestor.

Emotional Genealogy Ancestry Reading

Ancestry readings provide the emotional study, history, tracing, account, and evolution from your ancestors emotional framework to you, along with that of your parents and your grandparents. It introduces emotional genealogy versus traditional genealogy, by sharing your inherited emotional identity; by revealing passed down emotional personalities, intergenerational patterns, generational curses, and similar gifts, traits and abilities which exist but have been lost overtime.

Foster Reading

A foster reading is for an adult who was placed into foster care as a child and lived away from family entirely, or for an adult who grew up estranged from one side of their family. This reading is invaluable because it can be used in many empowering ways: one is, you’ll realize how similar you are to your family despite having little or no relationship with them. You’ll better understand your entire emotional framework, due to the underlying emotional foundation of your family’s generational identity. It also can be used as a roadmap to further become acquainted by exploring untapped gifts, understand personal beliefs and establish new family rituals and ways of thinking.

This newfound information will provide inspiration for your self-recovery and continued self- discovery, ultimately unveiling a new YOU!

Adoption Reading

An adoption reading is specifically for adults who were adopted as children and have never met their birth family or have but still want a deeper sense of self. It is for those who struggle with their identity and often feel lost and disconnected from their lives because, at the end of the day, they don’t feel fully grounded in the story of who they are. This reading will provide intimate and insightful history regarding your birth family’s emotional blueprint surrounding their generational stories, emotional traits, and personal experiences. .

It will give you the missing pieces to your puzzle regarding behavior, emotions and identity, regarding who you truly are.