Meet Deneen

I am a descendant of a powerful indigenous spiritual legacy, both my maternal and paternal ancestors were highly gifted people.

They were mediums, shamans, chiefs, prophets, seers, medicine people, and spiritual advisors to kings and queens.

They greatly revered God, and relied on the Holy Spirit to use their gifts to help empower and uplift others to stand in the fullness of all they are, and I approach my work the same way.

If you’re anything like me:) you’re probably curious about how I arrived at being an Ancestry Medium?

Well, what if I told you the Universe has been helping me to hone my gifts and preparing me to step into this role since the tender age of five. To learn more about my journey, read my spiritual memoir Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations.

Over my lifetime I have matured and evolved into a Sage, a wise, intuitive soul.

But having gifts and using them in this way wasn’t always so magical!

There was a time when I was bullied for having them because others sensed my being different. Not fitting in followed me everywhere even in my own family where I was the “blacksheep”.

To escape the pain of being different I poured my heart and soul into a career where I used my gifts in another capacity to help souls, mainly children and families in trauma to find healing and create new lives.

As a retired social worker of 18 years; the people who touched my heart the most, were children who were displaced from their family.

The absence of my father at the age of 11, played a huge role in both my heart and my head.

Upon my parents divorce my relationship with my father became pretty much nonexistent.

My life always felt lopsided, because I never knew my father or my paternal kin intimately like I did my mother and my maternal kin.

On my maternal side of the family because of their Native American origin, storytelling and the role of the storyteller was highly looked upon. For this reason, my mother instilled in me a lifetime of stories framing the lives, beliefs and gifts of my ancestors. Hearing these stories created a deeper sense of knowing and embracing parts of myself that otherwise would have been lost inside me longing to be told.

Not knowing my father had a profound effect on me as a young girl and later as a woman, especially with LOVE; attracting love, giving love, being loved, and feeling and trusting love authentically. We all tell ourselves stories to attempt to make sense of the things that hurt us or don’t add up! I was afraid to give up the story that I had been told about my dad my whole life, I was also afraid to give up the story I had been telling myself about ME too.

In my late 40s, I finally wanted to know about my paternal side of my family. I had an Ancestry DNA test completed, the waiting and wondering was fun and anxiety ridden at the same time! Once the results arrived it helped me to begin unveiling more of the magic surrounding my gifts as a Nigerian Ibgo descendant, but also left me with more unanswered intricate questions about exactly who I inherited my gifts from and what was my paternal story? This is why I know my emotional genealogy tree will give you a grander picture of who you are and where you came from and also provide answers to those intimate questions you’ve been carrying that you have yet to arrive at.

The picture that had been painted of my father wasn’t positive, because he had been abusive to my mother and abandoned his children. But as an adult I now realize there is often more to the story than just the bad.

Not knowing my father had a profound effect on me as a young girl and later as a woman, especially with LOVE; attracting love, giving love, being loved, and feeling and knowing love authentically.

Realizing later that my father’s family didn’t know how to authentically express love, allowed me to understand that no one ever showed him how to love, so therefore he didn’t know how to show me and my sisters love. Knowing this generational curse, is why I make sure to shower those important to me with love, it’s now a conscious choice!

The KNOWING PART – despite whatever it is, brings enlightenment and makes you feel more grounded in who you are.

Now it’s your turn!

E*mo*tion*al Ge*ne*al*o*gy

Is the original emotional study, history, tracing, account, and evolution of ancestors to a line of descendants; introducing the ancestry of one’s true identity by uncovering emotional personalities, intergenerational relationships, generational curses, and inherited gifts and abilities which exist below the surface and represent the real you.


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Uncover family constellations, (inherited unresolved traumas, specific behaviors and dynamics not previously considered) generational curses, emotional personalities and familial patterns.