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Emotional Genealogy

Just like a fingerprint, each family has its own unique identity archetype as well. Your family beginning with the very first of its generation became the epicenter from which all other generations have come from. The lives, experiences, stories, and energy of your ancestors still lives and breathes within each of your cells today. If you’ve been wondering why you behave like this, feel like this or struggle with this; my emotional genealogy tree is the answer to your why. It will allow you to literally feel in the blanks, becoming a living breathing blueprint of your first family’s intergenerational identity and emotional framework.

You want to know the most captivating thing about it all, I only rely on my gifts and the names you provide me, to pull together your emotional genealogy archetype, representative of fully who you are in conjunction with your overall family of origin.

Through spiritual meditation I sit with your ancestors as they provide me with the root of where your ancestry identity begins. When it’s all said and done, I use the lense of your karma and traumas inherited from your birth parents and their parents and so on, to bring you into complete awareness surrounding spiritual psychological factors, unresolved generational curses and beautiful gifts, all relative to the person you are.

After your initial consultation, you can have as much, or little contact with me that you want. But I’m hoping you’ll stick around!

Aside from being deeply insightful, your custom emotional genealogy tree can be fun! You may learn about personality quirks that you inherited from your birth parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, along with subtle nuances of why you are the way you are, and it will all begin to make sense. My emotional genealogy tree takes things a step further, by literally bringing into play your family genes and relational traits of your living family and departed ancestors creating your family’s own identity archetype. So those emotional challenges you’re faced with now, will soon fade into the background of your life because you’ll become a total baddie at understanding and managing your feelings!

E*mo*tion*al Ge*ne*al*o*gy

Is the original emotional study, history, tracing, account, and evolution of ancestors to a line of descendants; introducing the ancestry of one’s true identity by uncovering emotional personalities, intergenerational relationships, generational curses, and inherited gifts and abilities which exist below the surface and represent the real you.

Once you receive your emotional genealogy tree, you will feel immediate relief, validation, and experience belonging to something that is intangible. Your heart and soul will finally feel more aligned because you will finally get your hands on those missing pieces to the puzzle and place them in position!

Have you ever felt like you were cursed? Well I hate to say it, but maybe you are! There’s good news though, the curse lies in not knowing completely about your people, so knowing is POWER! Your emotional genealogy tree will provide unsourced knowledge of generational curses unknowingly passed down to you, thereby offering you with a greater understanding of your own emotional framework.

This information is invaluable because it can be used in many empowering ways: one is, you’ll know more about why you are triggered, due to the underlying emotional foundation of your family’s generational curses. Lastly it can be used as a roadmap to begin exploring untapped gifts, understand personal beliefs and establish new family rituals and ways of thinking.

This newfound information will provide inspiration for your self-recovery and continued self- discovery, ultimately unveiling YOU!


Before receiving your Emotional Genealogy Tree:


Maybe you’re feeling lost, disconnected and confused about who you are.


And even though you are forever grateful for the life you’ve been provided, you remain curious about your birth family or estranged family. What are they like? Do I share similar behaviors?


You may have guilty feelings for wanting to know more about your birth parents or estranged family, and you worry about what others will think?


And maybe your relationship with your adoptive parents or estranged family wasn’t always bubblegum and rain drops and you harbor a little resentment towards them for fear of missing out on the family fantasy you’ve created in your head.


Maybe it’s been impossible to hold down long term friendships and romantic relationships because in the back of your mind you believe they will eventually leave.


At the end of the day, you feel like no-one really understands why you need answers, which makes you feel isolated and alone.


You feel finally ready to just get to the bottom of why you’re longing to know yourself, no matter what.


After receiving your Emotional Genealogy Tree, you’ll understand:


Where to begin healing generational curses, be conscious of emotional traits you’ve been carrying and will finally feel at home in your own skin.


That your curiosity served as the inspiration to finally get the answers to your why.


You deserve to have your questions answered and guilty feelings about wanting to know who you are, no longer supports your higher self.


You were meant to be with the family you have and that it’s time to let go of the old stories that hold you hostage and write new ones.


You’ll understand the role your heart has played between your inability to attract and sustain healthy relationships with your once lost identity.


The role your intuition plays in pursuing answers in other areas of your life.

Emotional Genealogy Tree – Structure

To have me get started on your emotional genealogy tree, all I need is your name, along with your parents and if possible the names of those you want represented in your emotional genealogy tree.

*Don’t stress if you don’t have names, all I really need is yours and the relationship the person is to you.

I generally would say for best results, you only need to include your parents and your grandparents on both sides to begin pulling together your ancestral emotional genealogy.

Later you may want to add your children representing the next generation to see what they have inherited as well.

You will receive your emotional genealogy tree within 10-14 business days.

Pricing details


You plus your parents


You plus your parents and one side of either maternal or paternal grandparents.


You, your parents and both maternal and paternal grandparents.


You, your parents, maternal and paternal grandparents and maternal and paternal great-grandparents.

You will automatically receive a free written emotional genealogy report.

You have the option to upgrade to receiving a pre-recorded video explanation of your report@ $375 additionally.

You have the option to upgrade to receiving an on location meeting of your emotional genealogy report@ $1,500 additionally plus air, travel and hotel expenses.