A prelude to healing



Includes Private Prelude to Healing Facebook Community.

My name is Deneen Joyner, and I am honored and excited to introduce what I believe will be a
gamechanger towards setting you up to becoming inspired to heal your life!

This spiritual workbook is for the woman who has been silently carrying decades of emotional
pain and trauma from childhood and despite it all, she still continues to rise and handle her

But the thing is, that will only work for so long and trust me there’s an expiration date! You have
a choice, either you can proactively do something to address your pain, or you can wait until the
walls have closed in, the fat lady has sung. and you are forced to face it.

My reason for writing this self-guided spiritual workbook is very personal, you see I too had a
very painful and traumatic childhood. At the age of 47, the bottom of my soul fell out, God had
grown tired of waiting for me to heal my life; He knew that all my ways of disconnecting from
feeling the pain was taking a toll and leading me farther and farther away from my calling and
remembering who I am as His daughter, so He intervened on my behalf.

That day was the beginning of my healing journey. Despite having decades of working directly
with children and families in trauma, I had no clue what to do for myself until I had a revelation
to approach things the same way I would if I were a client assigned to me.

Genius, right?

This is where everything changed, because it was no longer personal and biased but became
something that I could look at with a non judgemental, compassionate lens.

I learned how to become my own Best Friend Forever!

I began to document everything I experienced along with the revelations that consistently came,
and guided me into knowing more about how I came to be.

Now I’d like to guide and lovingly support you!

This is for you IF:

  • You have suffered from one or more emotionally painful traumatic events in your childhood that
    continue to haunt you.
  • You want to heal but don’t feel like you have enough time.
  • You’ve experienced serial unsuccessful romantic relationships.
  • You haven’t taken care of yourself emotionally and secretly long for something that will give you
    hope to keep going.
  • You recognize that the clock is ticking and want to leave a healthy legacy for your children and
    grandchildren that does not resemble generational pain.
  • You want more to your life than pain and repeated traumatic memories.


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