Your soul holds the key and is at the core of who you are and where you came from, it is your true identity; emotionally, spiritually and psychologically surrounding you, your ancestors and the family you were born into.

Spiritually speaking, your soul is a recorder and has been recording prior to you even being born. It knows the plans that God has for you; it knows who you really are, it knows your holy assignment, the only reason you are here.

Therefore your life’s pain and trauma along with the hope you’ve been carrying is there for a deeper purpose. It’s your soul’s memory of who you are, and it’s asking you to trust your path; lean in, and become curious about your life and expect more.

Because at the end of the day, there really is so much more goodness to your story than you truly know!

I would be honored to provide you with any of these readings.

You can choose to simply focus on yourself with a Private Soul Reading; this will greatly help you with understanding the personal emotional impact of your life’s emotional pain and trauma along with your emotional inheritance from your ancestors and immediate family and how this all factors in, with how this is playing out in your life today. 


Or you can take things even deeper by having an Ancestry Reading; Just like a fingerprint, each family has its own unique identity-archetype as well. Your family, beginning with the very first of its generation, became the epicenter from which all other generations have come from. Your family’s emotional genealogy represents the lives, experiences, stories, and energy of your ancestors still live and breathe within each of your cells today. If you’ve been wondering why you behave like this, feel like this, or struggle with this, having an ancestry reading is the answer to your whys. It will allow you to fill in the blanks, becoming a living, breathing blueprint of your first family’s intergenerational identity and emotional framework.

If you’re an adult of adoption or have lived in foster care and are estranged from your family, having a Foster or Adoption reading can provide you with the missing pieces to your puzzle, surrounding your personal story; the journey you’ve been living. This will finally provide you with the validation, confirmation, and course correction that you’ve been wanting but didn’t know how to put into words! It will provide your spiritual inheritance; representative of generational curses, family karma and gifts.


My process:
For several days of spiritual meditation I sit with your ancestors and they provide me with the roots of where your ancestry identity begins. When it’s all said and done, I use the lens of your personal pain and traumas, and those inherited from your birth parents and their parents and so on, to bring you into complete awareness surrounding spiritual psychological factors, unresolved generational curses and passed-down beautiful gifts, all relative to the person you are.

What to expect:
You get to choose how you receive your reading virtual or in person.

Additional fees apply for in-person.

Whichever you prefer, I promise you will experience instant relief and hope for whatever lies ahead in your life!

Ancestry Reading (Emotional Geneology) $3,575.00

Ancestry readings include; you, your birth parents plus both maternal and paternal grandparents. It takes 10 business days to complete. It is in written format only unless the in person option is selected at checkout.

To get started I need your name, your parents and each of your grandparents names. This reading is very comprehensive as it details not only your emotional blueprint but that of your parents and your maternal and paternal grandparents. No worries if you don’t have all the names or none.